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1 Nov 2019


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Through experience and personal research, I have come to discover the four main reasons why people are not becoming great in life even when they have the opportunity to become one.
In life, awareness of your problems or challenges is the first step to solving it because you cannot solve a problem you have not first discovered.
So, the four things that keep us from becoming great or fulfilling our dreams are:
FEAR: People are so afraid of leaving their comfort zone or safe harbor of the known and venturing off into the unknown. Human beings like certainty – even though it limits them. Life is all about risk but most of us don’t like trying something new – because it brings up our discomfort.
The solution to this obstacle of fear is simply to apply the concept of management: manage your fear by doing the very thing that frightens you. This is the best way to destroy a fear. So, do it until you are no longer scared.
There is an aphorism that says “He that fights and run away lives to fight another day”, so except you fight and conquer your fears, it will keep on running towards you.
Remember this: the fear you run away from will always run towards you; and the fear you don’t rule will always rule you. But behind every wall of fear lives a precious treasure. So, step out to conquer your fears.
FAILURE: In life no one wants to fail. So most of us don’t even try. They don’t even want to take a step to improve the state of their lives. But they forget to learn that mistakes + corrections = perfection. Failure is an essential part of realizing success, so there can be no success without failure. Oral Roberts is quoted as saying, “winners never quit, and quitters never win.” So if you must hit the ultimate mark of success in life, you must not be susceptible to discouragements. Rather, you must be goal driven, giving no room for distractions. It may not appear to be working today, but keep at it, because it will surely work tomorrow. Do not quit or give up, but stay on until it works.
There is no conglomerate that started as a conglomerate. Most of the big enterprises we have today grew from small beginnings.
Most champions have marks of failure in their past records. But because they refused to remain on the floor, they rose up and ended up turning failure to success.
Robert Schuller says, “Success is never ending, and failure is never final.” So you too can still make your life count despite your failures. Do not give up! Failure is the highway to success.
FORGETTING: This is one of the greatest problems. I remember a serious resolution I made to be saving at least 10% of all my income for the next 20 years. After sometime, due to unfavorable circumstances, I find myself neglecting the serious decision I made.
Forgetfulness is usually due to issues or circumstances of life or busyness of the heart.
So, the solution to this issue of forgetting are:
Try to keep your commitments top of mind.
Heighten your awareness around them – this is because better awareness leads to better choices, and better choices in turn leads to better results.
Keep your self – promises front and center. Don’t forget to write them and paste on your mirror.
Try to read them every morning. This may look childish, but works greatly.
Talk about them a lot, because you certainly will become what you talk about a lot.
Write about it each morning on a paper or inside your journal.
FAITHLESSNESS: Many people on earth have no faith or believe that they will ever become great in life. This alone forms the solid foundation for the failure and frustration they end up facing in life. These people were filled with possibilities and hope as kids. But they tried and perhaps failed. And rather than staying in the game of life, with the understanding that failure is the highway to greatness, they shut down and back out with a negative self – concept.

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