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14 Nov 2019


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This morning as I woke up to observe my Holy hour of prayers, I was move to read a chapter from a book written by my spiritual mentor, Gbile Akanni before doing my prayers. While still reading, the following understanding down on me.
“All this must fulfill their mandate on earth must be alert and must be ready with vaccine and anti-virus against the virus to greatness”.
It is not when you have been attacked by the virus that you begin to run around for ready. This is because prevention is always better than cure. When virus attacks a man in reality, curative medicine does not restore to the original shape and sharpness and it is more costly than the preventive”. This kept me thinking for a long time. In life, it is of utmost importance to note that your mandate and the nature of your calling are what define the kind of viruses that attack you. For instance of you work in a stone quarry, you get hurt only by stores. Each professional calling has its own peculiar viruses”, and you should not be fighting a virus that is not present in your Area of calling. The aim of these viruses is to crash a great men and get him off the stage in disgrace.

The general virus to greatness is the virus of sexual lust. This virus is invented by the enemy of our greatness and it has effectively destroyed many people. It has the potency to discredit and abuse a great men. It has a very alarming rate of spread. If this virus crouch at your door, you must crush it under your feet or flee from it with all your strength. It is better to run and keep safe, than stay and get stained and become state. The virus of sexual lust has the capacity to make your life important, strangle the your God-given vision and about and greatness inside of your “womb”. It has the capability to site and empty a men of all virility and capacity to conceive a vision or to perform in the stage of life. This virus of sexual lust has become so effectual from generation to generation in pulling any young person down and cutting him or her short of his manifestations. This virus brings down a men’s focus, vision and motivation. All sexual lust, all immorality and all forms of sexual perversions have more cumulative damages then even the physical mishaps that often immediately acc__ such acts of sex. Its terribleness is not just limited to the following immediately negative effects like; emotional guilt, shame, unwanted pregnancy, death from failure abortion, broken marriages, STDS etc. every sexual lust – especially the innate ones or the ones lodged in the thoughts and the subconscious acts like viruses to decompose your “IQ”. Your strength of mind and your thoughts; your capacity both for the concerning and the sustaining of ideas or for the understanding of concepts, including the birthing and nursing of a life-time vision.
The heart of a man is liken to the hard work or hard drive in a computer with similarities, even of the effects of the attack of a virus on the ‘hard disk”. In the same way the heart or the “hard disk” of a men is the centre of all his being, and it is responsible for every inspiration, analysis, synthesis, conceptions and interpretations necessary for the dairy to dairy running and direction of his life. It is here that his dreams, visions and the features of his future are stored and where he operates from. A man and woman is great as his or her mind or the quality or capacity of his or her thoughts. This is often what battles everyone when it comes to the matter of the differences between great men (or geniuses) vs mediocre or “mere” ordinary men. Now, the “greatness” in the great people is not in their physical appearances, because they are as ordinary in appearances as other men and woman.
The question often is; “where is the secret of their greatness? The secret of “greatness” in great men is in their hearts and in their minds; it is in the purity, the integrity, the power and the capacity of their minds – their ability to harness, to marriage, to control and maximally utilize their whole thought life.
Even the wise men wrote in proverbs 44:23, saying thus, “Guard your heart more than anything else, because the source of your life flows from it; that is, be careful how you think; because your life is shaped by your thoughts.

The low “IQs”, the sluggishness and the underperformance in academics and other essential or critical areas of living you find in several young men is caused by this virus of sexual lust.
In conclusion, Don’t ever forget this, that the sin of immorality and every form of sexual lust is a sin against your body; it is a sin against your central processing unit (C.P.U); it is a sin against your mind; a sin against your God-given resources on this earth with which to identify your purpose and fulfill your mandate.

Advice: If you must be great, then flee youthful lusts and all appearances of sexual contaminations.

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